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What to Bring at the Singapore Grand Prix

If you are going to catch the Singapore Grand Prix, it is better to be ready for whatever will come your way while you are watching. You should know what to bring so that your experience will be packed with fun and memories. Aside from that, people think about what to wear to the event to make them feel the vibe a lot more. Regardless of where you are sitting, catching the performers and getting to taste the awesome food is all part of the experience you have to prepare for.

Singapore GP

1. Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

Most likely, the parking lot will be far from the race track which is why you need to wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind having dirt on them. Aside from that, make sure the style of the shoes you will be wearing is appropriate for the event. Do not wear white because the weather is unpredictable and the rain will still pour if it needs to. It is best to wear dark clothes and shoes.

2. Folding Chairs

If you will be watching from the general admission section, it is unlike staying in Grandstand. You should bring a folding chair because the Singapore GP 2018 will draw an even bigger crowd than before. Check the rules and regulations of the race because some of them do not allow folding chairs. If that is the case, take a blanket instead.

3. Binoculars

Aside from bringing your earplugs or earphones, make sure to have binoculars with you. The movement of the cars are really fast and they will go past you like a flash. There is a lot of action that goes on and off the track so you will find other interesting things to see aside from the cars.

4. Be Prepared for the Weather

Do not forget to bring your sunglasses, hat or cap, and wear sunblock. You know that Singapore has tropical weather and the sun could hurt your skin. An umbrella would also be nice for blocking the sun or the rain, just be careful not to hit anyone with it.

5. Stay Hydrated

There will be food trucks at the event but it is good to always have water with you while you are already in your seat. Just do not drink too much because you might end up going to the bathroom more often than usual.


These are the most important things you should bring at the Singapore Grand Prix 2018.